The light bearing star of the nocturnal mystery

Expect psychedellic breakbeat rhythms with a blend of electronic synthesis and real instruments. All music produced and recorded by Dan Forest at The Pond Studio, London. Live performances available.

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Frogspawn - 2014

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'Frogspawn' is my fourth album, released on Mystic Sound Records. 3 years of graft, I hope it was worth the wait :)

There Is Only Infinity - 2012

There Is Only Infinity
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'There is Only Infinity' is my third album, released on Timwave Records. A little something to keep you going while I work on something big.

Together as One - 2011

Together as One
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'Together as One' is my second album released on Timwave Records. A combination of world moods and epic synth ballads. Dance with the mystery.

Subjectivity - 2008

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Subjectivity was my debut album and released as a free download on Bitcrusher Records. The album concept was inspired by consciousness and perception of reality. Close your eyes and be still, and I'll show you eternity itself

Subjectivity [unmixed]

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An umixed HQ copy of Subjectivity for DJs and audiophiles. Available as FLAKs and a variety of other high quality formats. Pay what you like (no minimum)